Racing with the Locals

Hi guys and gals, how’s your week going? Better than mine I hope! While life is good, there have been a few setbacks recently. Most concerning of which is the untimely death of my poor laptop! Before anyone gets too concerned, I use Microsoft Onedrive to backup all my work, so no loss of anything important from Book 3. However, I do have a considerable number of travel photos I’m quite concerned about – everything from Bolivia and Argentina in fact. For some reason I forgot to back them up on my hard drive 🙁
Fingers crossed I can get the damn thing repaired!

Okay, in other news, my latest adventure is that I am now living in Mendoza, Argentina. However, I did have a rather special experience in northern Argentina while I was there, in a sleepy little town called Cafeyate. While there we of enjoyed a thoroughly local experience – starting with a delicious local Asado (Barbeque) at a tiny local restaurant. But the real excitement didn’t start until we went for a bike ride through the countryside in search of vineyards…


Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.46.05 PM

We found one…

Of course, knowing our luck there was only one vineyard open by the time we ventured out of the town, so the trip consisted of a lot of biking around in a futile search of the red liquid. Fortunately, we found something even better – a local cowboy festival!

Pictured: Actual cowboy!

Pictured: Actual cowboy!

So there we were, biking around, just minding our own business, when we stumbled across a tugofwar match between cowboys – with hats and all! Sadly I am missing most of the photos (computer remember), but luckily I did get a few with my phone. The one below was of the cowboys competing in their main event – where they ride their horses at a gallop down the street and throw an apple at a bucket of water as they ride past. Looked pretty difficult if you ask me!

And of course, what’s a cowboy festival without getting yourself involved? My friend Pascaline, daredevil that she is, saw that the next tugofwar for the woman were still looking for volunteers, so ran up to join the competition (okay John and I may have goaded her into it a little bit). Again I don’t have the video, but boy was it a laugh. Then of course, not to be out done, John and I volunteered for the sack race (okay we were dragged up when Pascaline told the guy with the microphone our names…).

So there we were, lined up to take our turn, drinking boxed wine the locals were offering us, sacks around our feet and not really having a clue what was going on but enjoy it all the same. That’s what this travel business is all about. I hope you all have the chance to try it 🙂
Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention I won the race 😉

We also had some wine ice cream (oh and that's Eric on my shoulder btw ;))

We also had some wine ice cream (oh and that’s Eric on my shoulder btw ;))

As for Book Three, I have begun! The first draft of the prologue is already finished and I am well into chapter 1 now. The computer issue may slow me down a little, as I’ll have to borrow or use public computers to write, but hopefully it can be repaired quickly! I am still looking for name suggestions too, so if you have one be sure to hit reply! (Remember, a paperback copy of Book Three is up for grabs!)

Okay, last but not least, this week fellow author Megan has a promotion on the pre-order for her new book A Mortal Song. This enthralling YA fantasy novel is now available for pre-order at a limited time sale price of $0.99! And everyone who pre-orders can get a digital gift pack from the author. Not a bad deal if you’re interested in checking it out 😀


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  1. Larry Reply

    Just finished reading book 2 of Praegressus Project in one day…WOW!! Must say that I really
    hated to see Richard get sacrificed!!
    Your writing style is so seamless and flowing, I’m in awe of that!!
    Hoping to get to book 3 next month!
    Thanks much for the adventure and thrills; lastly, I sure hope you found a way for Liz and Chris to come together again…PLEASE!!

    • admin Reply

      Glad you’re enjoying the story Larry! Sorry I only just approved your comment now, apparently my email hasn’t been working! Anyway, Retaliation has just arrived in case you missed the announcemnet 😉 Enjoy 😀

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